Overnight Cruises

Overnight cruises usually start at midday and return you to the jetty at 10 am the next morning however; there is flexibility.

Activities on an overnight cruise can include:

  • A sail amongst the islands or further afield to a secluded and enchanted bay
  • Observe the wildlife as you sail past their natural habitat
  • Anchor in a picturesque bay to enjoy a beverage and a delicious lunch
  • Take a relaxing swim from the boat, snorkel around the rocks, row a dinghy ashore, paddle a kayak, or simply relax onboard
  • Perhaps another sail to our evening anchorage or favourite fishing spot
  • Enjoy a sundowner, BBQ or great meal and a quiet evening under the stars
  • a great nights sleep with the gentle motion and lapping of water
  • Awake to peace and tranquility with the dawn chorus bird song
  • Fuel up with a great breakfast before sailing off to enjoy the day

Add-on Cruises

After an overnight cruise you might like to add-on a day cruise to return in the afternoon giving you another great day on the water to finish off an amazing cruise.

Sunset on an overnight cruise